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The concept of Minny Story dance

“Good and beautiful posture of mind and body” This is the concept of Minny Story Dance. At our studio children from age 2 to 18 years of age practice classic ballet, singing and acting. Also, especially for young children starting as early as 2 years old we provide storytelling and creative story making. We endeavor to nurture in children “strength for hard work”, “sense of cooperation”, “consideration for others” and “appreciation for diversity”. With our concert series we have presented ballet performances and original musical shows filled with love and warmth which have moved the audience profoundly over two decades.

Massage from Minako Sugimoto, Director

ミニー・ストーリー・ダンス主宰 杉もと みな子
I had worked as an actor in musicals and TV dramas for over 10 years before I got married and had two children. As a mother I had so many concerns about how to raise children and anxieties for the future. That’s why “Minny Story Dance” came into existence. I felt a desire to raise children sound and strong with my knowledge and experience in Performing Arts. So I decided to deliver it by teaching dance. Since the establishment of Minny Story Dance in 1989 I have been sowing “seeds of Minny” in which I put strength and warmth, into the heart of children. We provide daily lessons at our main studio in Hiroo, present concert, hold workshop camps and visit senior homes. The children and their folks consider our studio “their second home”. I hope the seeds grew up with true love in our studio will bloom into beautiful flowers in their lives.


[Dream parfait studio] [Minny Story Dance] Fukuchi Building 1st floor, 5-11-11, Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Google Map
  • 2 min walk from Exit 2 at Hiroo Station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya line)
  • 1 min walk from Bus Stop, “Hiroo bashi” or “Hiroo byouin mae”
03-5795-0132 (telephone) minny@dreamparfait.com(e-mail)
  • Please feel free to contact us at the email address above for further information!


One class trial

1,000 yen

Registration fee

16,500 yen (Registration on the day of the trial→11,000 yen)

Monthly Fee (4 times per month)

Pearl Class (1.8-3 years old): 11,000 yen Ruby Class (3-6 years old): 12,100 yen Sapphire Class (7-9 years old): 12,100 yen Emerald Class (10-12 years old): 12,100 yen Garnet Class (13-15 years old): 12,100 yen Diamond Class (16-18 years old): 12,100 yen
  • Membership and tuition discounts is available to siblings and families.
  • Please ask if you want to take more than 2 classes a week.
  • We provide Ruby class in English on Friday and Sapphire class in English on Wednesday.

Classes in English


    • Ruby Class: from 3:15pm to 4:30pm on Friday
    • Sapphire Class: from 4:30pm to 6:00pm on Wednesday

Message from Rena Washino (Washer), instructor of these classes

鷲野 礼奈
In these classes, we do the same thing as other Ruby or Sapphire classes, but they are in English. I provide the classes in accordance with the concept of Minny Story Dance “Good and beautiful posture of mind and body”. I hope they can discover with us how happy they can be in learning dance and other things together with friends, how much fun it will be to take on challenging things. Let’s have an exciting experience with us!!