水曜サファイアクラス~指導:Rino Kamimura


From today, I, Rino took Ms. Wassher’s place and started to teach this class.

Ms. Wassher is taking her maternity break and coming back to teach again next March.

Until then, I will do my best to teach ballet basic skills and styles to dance better and get ready for the next level.






Today, I taught about very very basic things during the barre work because now is a good time to correct your body before moving up to the next class especially for the 3rd graders.

For the 1st and 2nd graders, it is definitely better to learn and dance in the correct way from the early stage, so you would be able to dance stronger, more beautifully and be ready to wear and dance in pointe shoes in a few years.

I am pretty sure you don’t understand how the body works at your age but trust me and try to do what I said.

You would eventually understand that when you grow up.







Very basic things I taught today are below;



1) Arms position and finger tips- don’t drop your elbows and bend it too much. Fingers are always together and not spread out unless it’s choreographed.


1) 腕の位置と指先についてー肘を下げないで、曲げすぎないで。指は常に揃えて、振付でない限りは指は広げない。


2) Posture- don’t arch your back when you stand because it would hurt your lower back in the near future and you don’t want that. Stand in the center. Stretch and straighten your knees. Don’t bend your standing leg unless it’s plie.


2) 姿勢についてー立っているときに腰を反らせない。いつか腰を痛めてしまいますよ。真ん中に立って。膝を伸ばして真っ直ぐに。立っているときの軸足はプリエではない限り曲げない。


3) Listen to the music, count 8, use the arms and move the body with music and your breath.


3) 音楽を聴いて、8数えて、音楽と呼吸に合わせて腕と身体を動かして。


I know I gave you so much information today but you all did great!When I am correcting other students, please don’t talk and try to practice by yourself checking in the mirror.

I know it takes time to correct every single one of you but I would do it for you because I don’t want you to get injured in the future and I want you to dance with the music in the correct positions. Until everyone gets used to it, gets into your body, it takes time but I promise you that you could enjoy dancing more!

Once you get it, you can dance ballet beautifully and let’s show your progress to Ms. Wassher when she returns! 😉





一度身につけば、バレエを綺麗に踊ることができますし、ワッシャー先生が戻られた時にみんなの成長ぶりをご覧いただきましょう! 😉


We started to practice Christmas Rose again for students who couldn’t attend the recital.

We all are dancing together, and slightly changed positions, so please come to the class next week to clean up the choreography especially for students who didn’t attend the recital.

We are planning to show it to their parents the week after at the end of the class, so please listen to the music again and practice it at home!







See you next week!